New exchange system - now we are working in two directions at the same time!

Now we have the Terms of exchange option that allows to either sell or buy PRIZM at the btc-alpha rate or you can become a part of Project Stability and be able to always buy and sell PRIZM at the same rate.

Only the coins were purchased under the terms of the Project Stability are valid for selling.

More than that, we'll buy your paraminig coins based on the amount of coins purchased through us, 5% per month.

No more waiting - from today, we exchange on the conditions you have chosen using the Terms of exchange option within the rules of our site.

The service provides the exchange of electronic units (title signs).

From 10:00 to 20:00
Feel free to contact the operator for any questions.

On the home page, select the currency you give and the currency you would like to get.Enter the amount and click on the "Exchange" button.Enter the additional information and submit the request.Then you'll see payment details.  

After you send the funds, click on the "Submit the request" button. 

From 5 mins up to 24 hours.

Payment processing speed depends on your payment provider.

Possible reasons:
- Your payment provider may have some problems on their side.
- Your wallet or card is blocked by your provider
- You've entered wrong payment details.

Your exchange request could be cancelled because of this:
- You didn't pay or didn't notice us about the payment within 24 hours;
- You've sent wrong amount of funds;
- You've entered wrong information in the request;