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Dear friends,

We launch a draw of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class and many valuable prizes. We work for people and therefore decided to set the simplest rules.
The deadline for the draw is December 26, 2018, Wednesday.

You will ask why December 26 and why Wednesday. Actually, it’s simple! We will choose a winner on December 26, Wednesday, and on December 31, the New Year Eve, we will give the winner his Mercedes anywhere in the world wherever he is!

Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Conditions of the competition

The winner in our draw will be a participant with the biggest PRISM turnover in their personal account.

The total turnover will be count as the sum of both bought and sold units.
All you need is to simply register on our website, pass verification and start buying and selling PRIZM.

The accounting system will record your turnover and display it in the TOP 10 list and in your personal account. Your anonymity is guaranteed, since the TOP 10 list will only display the number of your personal account, which will be assigned to you only once!

List of prizes::

  • 1st place – Mercedes-Benz B-Class
  • 2nd place – the latest model of Samsung or iPhone on your choice
  • 3rd place – Samsung or iPad tablet
  • 4th place – 1 000 PRIZM
  • 5th place – 500 PRIZM

We wish everyone good luck!

Top participants:

Place Participant number PRIZM turnover
1 217 149315.44 PRIZM
2 412 83073.33 PRIZM
3 23 32231.87 PRIZM
4 345 30554.11 PRIZM
5 171 30215.99 PRIZM
6 17 26353.03 PRIZM
7 104 24651.00 PRIZM
8 30 18338.00 PRIZM
9 242 17535.57 PRIZM
10 339 12423.51 PRIZM